What to expect

A project with me usually begins a week or two before the actual shoot, while discussing the concept of it. The best way to do so has so far turned out to be grabbing a coffee or a drink, going over the location, outfits, decorations, and props you’d like to go with. It’s perfectly fine to have this conversation over text messages as well though – if that’s what you’d prefer.

The shoot itself usually takes from 3 to 8 hours, with the outcome being 20 to 50 finished pictures, carefully chosen from 200-500 photographs.

It usually takes somewhere between a week and a month for the best photos to be handpicked, edited, and sent out to the client. The main factors of how long the process takes are the time consumption of the edit in relation to the agreed-upon concept and the current workload of my daily job/studies.


• Mainly because of past experience, I won’t be sending out the unedited RAW photographs, though we can agree upon sending them for a reasonable excess fare.

• In case you’d need to change or cancel the agreed-upon session’s date and time, please do so at least three days in advance.

• The final price of the project will be set accordingly to the financial challenges following the locations, outfits, props, and decorations, the time spent on set/in post-production, and the number of finished pictures coming out of it.

• Upon agreement with the client, the finished pics may appear on my socials, my website, or on stock footage sites, i.e. offered for download in high resolution (free or paid). All this serves as a way of expanding my portfolio.


The prices shown in the list below are temporarily lowered while building my portfolio.

Individual sessions500-1500 CZK
Sessions in pairs800-2000 CZK
Sessions in groups from 3 to 51000-3000 CZK

The packages in the list only cover the types of projects I have repeated experience with and therefore am sure about setting a specific price range. If your desired project doesn’t exactly fit any of them, don’t worry, we’ll be sure to set a price by agreement!

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